House Design

Each house model at Intalio Estates is built on the principles of Bioclimactic Architecture, intuitively designed to be in harmony with its lush natural surroundings and warm local climate so you can enjoy the comfort of living in a beautiful, modern home that is also energy-efficient.

Your new home at Intalio is crafted with  flexibility and functionality in mind as each design element has been intended not only for aesthetics but also for its practical use.

Your new home at Intalio is crafted with flexibility and functionality in mind and each design element has been added not only for aesthetics but also for its functional use.
• Large windows for more lighting and ventilation
• High ceilings for more air circulation
• Transcom & Clerestory windows for additional lighting
• Minimalist detail on the house
• Emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines
With the Open Planning concept, you have the freedom to design your new home the way you want it to be. You can be creative in planning furniture layout based on your preference and needs. With lesser walls and partitions, your Intalio home with you can expect more interaction among the members of your household
House Features
ceiling height
smart home
automate your lifestyle and enjoy a world of convenience with your smart home at intalio estates
Smart Home System
Intalio Estates is one of the pioneers in bringing the smart home technology here in Cagayan de Oro.  Now you can enjoy living in your  future-proof  home with  the technology that allows you to control key aspects of your space more conveniently.

Available for Magnum, Rocca and Vita House Models.
Enjoy remote access to control your lights with just a single tap. You can also control the switches via voice command.

Smart Switches

Enjoy multiple types of input for your socket. Control them via your app and you can even schedule the actions you want through your device.


Plug and play, no need for complex wiring. You can check and view your camera anytime you want via the app. Enjoy 2-way audio feature so you can talk to people via the camera.


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